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A brief introduction

HiI am Bianca and I am the founder of Accountry, and this is my journey into the modern accounting and controlling landscape:

In my twenties and thirties after studying communications I spent time in the advertising and marketing spaces.

Somehow, I started developing more and more passion into companies figures.

For a number of years, I have worked in both, marketing and bookkeeping. You may think this not going to fly.

I had a 'lightbulb 'moment as it dawned on me that marketing needs figures and Accounting needs better communication skills.

In 2015, I discovered for myself, for the biggest impact and to be the most disruptive , I need to focus on Accounting and move away from marketing.

I got to know the German classic Tax accountants program: DATEV.

Furthermore, I discovered some accounting solutions designed for companies such as SAP, Lexware, HMD, GDI, Agenda. That was not enough, I tried out all the upcoming disruptive apps such as LexOffice, Candis and BuchhaltungsButler.

Experiencing BuchhaltungsButler was a game changer – until today I work with BuchhaltungsButler. I like to combine it with DATEV.

And then I felt like being ahead of the digital accounting wave because startups were discovering me. Love at first sight! The perfect match! I love innovative people - and startups do love digital alternatives for an old-fashioned beanie counter.

2020, I started my own business and founded Accountry, surprisingly my business grew rapidly working for five companies by the end of that year.

In 2022 I employed a data manager, so we doubled in size, which enables us to make more companies happy.

"I am so grateful for every opportunity and for every go-getter I have touched base with so far."

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